We are partnering with other leading company to bring you the highest quality work that meet our clients’ expectation. Our leveraged approach and exceptional delivery are made possible by our vast network of partners.

Our partners include talented architects, engineers, project managers, and equipment providers with various skill sets and specialties that mirror our commitment to efficiency, quality and cost containment. Drawing from our robust and specialized network, we are able to call the right experts to the table for each unique project, aligning our outsourced team’s specialty with your unique business requirements.

ART PRECAST supplies facade and cladding provision for any project for architects, engineers, contractors and developers alike.


Art PRECAST, precast façade and cladding is manufactured in a controlled factory environment allowing the finest of architectural detail to be consistently produced. This ensures that your design is met with a premium structure that is built to last, as well as be resistant to the harshest of conditions. With strong precast at a high quality being manufactured, lower lifetime costs are achieved through our durable cladding with a life-long expectancy and increased energy efficiencies. Alongside it’s strength and sustainability, there are a multitude of colours and textures on offer, adding aesthetic qualities to the versatile precast façade and cladding.


With ART PRECAST customers get exceptional value for their project costs due to the remarkable quality of products and service we dedicate to all structures.

Aton Engineering Co. established on beginning of 2007, began electromechanical constructional operations on mid 2002, as a department of partner’s company, Altay Mechanical Co. Ltd.


The company is now leading for HVAC, Plumbing, BMS, Fire Fighting and Electrical System material supply, installation and commissioning. More than 15 years of governmental and private sector experience of company partners, transmitted worldwide and successful projects completed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ghana and Libya.


Customer satisfaction, optimized design and quality workmanship is the base aiming to raise the bar.

Panel CEPHE is expert in the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly and erection of custom facade systems, providing complete design-build services to the construction marketplace.


They specialize in innovative architecture and challenging building projects. No project is too large, no building site too difficult for their seasoned operations teams.


Their work experience includes many projects with specialized materials, complex geometry, novel structural and mechanical system designs. Panel CEPHE curtainwall, facade and skylight systems combine innovative design with state-of-the-art materials and performance.

Yenerji Engineering Consultancy Limited Company was established in 2011 and takes all its experience from the previous practices of its technical stuff in energy sector. By taking its name from the words “Renewable Energy”, Yenerji provides reliable, effective, quality engineering and consultancy services at planning, project design and construction stages of renewable energy projects.


Yenerji Engineering technical stuff have taken an active role in planning, feasibility, final and application project engineering services of many big to small scale hydropower projects which was performed in accordance with the law 4628 in Turkey and became specialized at especially hydropower projects since 2006. With its engineering services, company put signature under special designs for the first time in Turkey and continues to introduce extraordinary project designs by the methods developed for itself. The company aims to improve the quality and expectation of the sector by its new generation engineering aspect and contribute to our country’s engineering service standards to have better levels. The company adopts to base each of its study on globally accepted technical norms and renew itself by closely fallowing the related technical enhancement in the world to provide higher quality services to it’s customers who make investment in energy sector. In accordance with the aim of establishment, Yenerji targets to add other renewable energy types (wind and solar energy) in addition to its hydropower experience, thus continues to research and development studies.